Blockchain Application

Blockchain created for business applications.
The future potential of the application platform
Likelib is the blockchain framework for the next generation of business applications
Likelib welcomes the world to join
The realization of DApps is the vision for every developer of Likelib to join. Likelib is construction philosophy is: Technology improves lives, and credit creates value. Likelib welcomes the world to join in and strives to perfect the blockchain ecosystem. Your participation has allowed Likelib to continue learning, improve itself, and grow with Likelib. We listen to each participant’s suggestions and share the results of R&D from time to time. Likelib welcome you to join us!
Likelib side chains and adaptation fields
A common model for diversified, multi-industry businesses is hashed on the Likelib sidechain. Likelib is committed to creating a community that adapts to a diverse, multi-industry business model. Applications such as: technology, medical, energy, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, etc., application construction can quickly adapt to multi-terminal equipment. The ultimate goal of Likelib is to integrate blockchain into life and create value.
Likelib quick and easy access
The Likelib platform will provide application registration portals for blockchain applications. After registering your application with relevant information, Likelib will quickly review your application access request and issue an application access token (notified by email). After Likelib passes, you can browse the corresponding business model API and select the appropriate language for access. If you have any questions, please let us know by email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.