LikeLib Global

The Likelib team consists of a group of senior programmers, architects, and experts in the field of cryptography. Designed to realise the diversified and multi-industry blockchain business scenario model implementation of DApps, developers can quickly build and develop blockchain applications through the provision and access of corresponding APIs.

The goal of LikeLib is to build an operating system that runs on a blockchain and is an underlying system that can implement smart contracts and open source on the blockchain.

Likelib is industry solution has completed independent research and development. Compared with the introduction of foreign blockchain technology, Likelib solution will be more secure and controllable in practical applications, with lower access cost, greater scalability, and faster time to delivery.
At the same time, LikeLib is also a blockchain for commercial applications. It can be applied to various industries such as science and technology, medical care, energy, e-commerce, and aviation.
LikeLib main chain handles the main application business model, and the side chain adapts to diversify multiple matching application scenarios. It uses parallel computing, making it possible to extend the blockchain to millions of users and millions of transactions per second, improving the efficiency of smart business development.
When the LikeLib supercomputer network is formed, it will be a network without delay, an unlimited storage network, and all transfer and exchange can be completed almost instantaneously. LikeLib will surely attract more attention in the future. Likelib Global Technology Conference will be unveiled soon.